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Featured Best Healer in Los Angeles. Price and Info about our energy healing, ascended master channeling and spiritual guidance sessions.

Energetic Healing Sessions:

Feeling drained? In Pain?  Suffer from Anxiety or another illness?  Re-energize yourself and your life with a refreshing, deeply relaxing energetic healing session.  Reiki Master Sepi uses a wonderful combination of energetic healing techniques to balance your energy centers, remove blocks, and align you with your true “compass north”… your body’s own wholeness. Using Reiki, Body and Aura Scanning, Block Removal, Chakra Balancing, Crystal and Sound Healing using Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls, Color Therapy, Cord Removal, Essential Oil Herbal Mist Therapy (in person only); she dissolves the energy clogs in your body and spirit, balances your energy field, and awakens your true power.

Adults: $250 in person or $200 long distance. 

Children under 16:  $125 in person or $100 long distance. 

Energetic Healing and Massage Combo includes all of the above plus of 90 minutes massage (Swedish or deep tissue) $400.00. 

Massage portion of combo session is offered by CMT, Ashley Shyne of Buddha's Bungalow.

Rate are for session given at my location. Mobile rates are extra depending on distance. 

Cash, Venmo, Paypal and all major credits cards accepted.   

Pet Healing/Animal Communication Sessions: 

Reiki Master Sepi is an animal lover and animals love her as well! Did you know that animals have Chakra's too? Just like our Chakra's, theirs need to be in balance to have the optimum physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Master Sepi uses Reiki, a Pendulum and Tibetan Sound Healing Bowls to balance your pet's energy and Chakra's. She can also communicate with your animals and ask them any questions that you have. If needed, she can perform intuitive allergy food testing for your beloved pet. Communication is also available with pets that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge in what is referred to as channeling. She has worked with cats, dogs, birds and horses. 

Pet Healing and Communication in Person: $150 plus an added travel fee based on distance. 

Pet Healing and communication long distance: $125.

Pet Communication or Channeling Only. Only done long distance: $100.

Cash, Venmo, Paypal and all major credits cards accepted.  

Triple Layer Protection: 

Reiki Master Sepi has created a special triple layer protection utilizing a sacred Golden Light, the Violet Flame and an Ancient Protection Symbol. If you are feeling vulnerable to other people's negative energies, feeling drained or even dealing with a negative spirit or entity, this Triple Later Protection will help to protect you and is available long distance. Available for humans, pets, cars and homes and done long distance only. 

Protection per human: $50

Protection per pet: $25

Protection per car: $50

Protection per house: $75

Spiritual Guidance Sessions:

Looking for more Joy? Transformation? Serenity? Are you ready to rid yourself of the patterns you just can’t seem to break? Want to get to the bottom of your major blocks? Tired of taking “different” roads that end up in the same dead end? Get ready to blossom into your full potential, and begin manifesting your desires with more ease and consistency. Reiki Master Sepi is a spiritual alchemist who helps you change patterns that aren't working into ones that bring you a more peaceful, serene, and joy filled life.  Through guidance sessions, meditation techniques, and practices she will teach you tools that when applied transform your day to day life.

Each package of consists of unique guidance sessions based on your individual needs and includes detailed practices and rituals via email, email support and three hours of in person guidance. The package cost is $1,000.00. 

Single Sessions which include practices and rituals before the session and one hour of in person guidance is $350.00.

Cash, Venmo, Paypal and all major credits cards accepted. 


Master Sepi provides Ascended Master Channeling sessions, including an Archangel Michael Reading. During a session, you will be asked to focus on one or two areas of your life where you are wanting guidance from your Spirit Guides, Guardians and the Ascended Masters that will communicate to you through Reiki Master Sepi. The session lasts 50 minutes and costs $225.00.  

Cash, Venmo, Paypal and all major credits cards accepted.   

Energy Healing/Meditation Courses:

Beginners Course in Energetic Healing and Reiki Level 1 and/or Intermediate Course in Energetic Healing and Reiki Practitioners Guide. Meditation Classes available as well. Taught in person. Private individual class can be arranged and also taught via Skype. The energy healing classes will attune you to Reiki Healing and Violet Flame Healing Energies as well as teach you the fundamental principals of energy healing.  

The Meditation classes will teach you the principals and applications of mindfulness, focused and mantra meditation. During each class, Reiki Master Sepi will also provide a unique channeled guided meditation for her students. 

Location: West Hollywood, Ca 90046

Class size for Energetic Healing: 2 to 6 students per class.   

Class size for Meditation: 1 to 3 students per class.  

For more info and prices, please contact Reiki Master Sepi at 310-499-8944 or 

Cash, Venmo, Paypal and all major credits cards accepted.