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We provide powerful energy healing, channeling, spiritual guidance and Manifestation Series Organic Bath Salts infused with healing energy.

About Soulillume


Reiki Master Sepi, founded Soulillume to follow her life purpose, which is to Illuminate. Soulillume means, "To light the Soul." Soulillume provides energy healing services and Manifestation Series Products which inspire pathways for energy healing, growth and transformation. 




About Reiki Master Healer/Teacher Sepi Ghafouri

Reiki Master Sepi is a peaceful spiritual soul whose life purpose is to illuminate. She follows her life purpose by providing energetic healing services, healing products and spiritual guidance to her clients. Reiki Master Sepi has been reviewed as one of the best energy healers in Los Angeles. She teaching classes, provides channeling sessions, speaks at events and blogs inspirational wisdom and spiritual guidance. Connect with Reiki Master Sepi/Soulillume below!