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Five Directions Sage, Cedar, Lavender and Mugwort Reiki Charged Clearing Smudge Wand

Five Directions Sage, Cedar, Lavender and Mugwort Reiki Charged Clearing Smudge Wand


Reiki Master Sepi infuses Ancient Healing Symbols into this 7 to 9 inch wand along with calming Reiki energy which magnifies the power of the wand and fills your home with Reiki Energy as your burn it. 

One of our most popular clearing products, this Wand uses the power of Mountain Sage, White Sage, Cedar, Lavender and Mugwort to clear and protect your space. 

Sage is a powerful medicinal and clearing herb that has been used for centuries to clear energy in a space. 

Cedar is a wonderful herb that is used to bring positive energy into a space. 

Lavendar provides a wonderful light scent and calming energy to your space. 

Mugwort is a powerful plant which will heighten the your psychic and dreaming abilities and it will clear negative spirits from your space!

Together these powerful herbs will help to clear your home or office and instill positive energy, calm the space, raise the vibration of your space and flow protecting reiki energy into your space. 

You can also use this wand before you meditate to connect to higher vibrations and assure that your are protected during your meditation and use it to clear your crystals by spreading the smoke around them. 

The wand is wrapped with a string. As you use the wand, unwind a small portion of the string so you can light the wand. Use a shell or a plate underneath the wand and when the wand emits smoke (it will not be a lit fire) walk to every corner of the space you are wanting to clear. Put the smoke in the top and bottom corners. 

When you are finished you will feel a grounded energy and your space will be cleared and feel positive. Be sure to hold a plate or shell underneath the wand while you use it so ash does not burn you or your furniture and take care to put the wand out like a cigarette afterward to prevent any fires. 


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