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Aura Cleansing Crystal: Reiki Charged Selenite Wand

Reiki Charged Selenite Twist Wand.jpg
Reiki Charged Selenite Twist Wand.jpg
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Aura Cleansing Crystal: Reiki Charged Selenite Wand


Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals you can use to help cleanse your aura of negative energy that it has absorbed from other people or things which weigh you down and drain your energy. 

Reiki Master Sepi infuses Ancient Healing Symbols into the crystals along with calming Reiki energy which magnify the power of the crystal and align your body as you use it. 

This crystal must not get water on it or it will turn into gypsum and lose its healing properties. The great news is that Selenite is self clearing, so you do not need to clear the crystal. 

Use this crystal like an eraser of negative energy all around your aura. Start from the top of your head and simply run it through your aura all the way down under your feet to clear your energy. You can also place Selenite in any room to heighten the vibration of the space or use it to calm tense muscles.  

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Healing Highlights:

➢ Cleanses the aura of negative energies.

➢ Removes energy blocks in your body.

➢ Clears and purifies jewelry and spaces.

➢ Opens the Crown Chakra and aids in bringing in Divine Light and Spiritual Growth. 


➢ Increases clarity of mind.




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