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How to release toxic chords.

When you hear the term, "we are all connected", do you every wonder how? One way we are all connected is through energetic chords. Every person who you connect with on a daily basis will connect with you, energetically, with a chord. You will also connect your energetic chord to that person. The more connected or "closer" you are with a person, the more chords you both will have connected to one another and the stronger the chords become. These chords exchange psychic and emotional energy back and forth between you. These chords are invisible to the eyes, but visible to our third eyes. When you connect with a positive person or someone with whom you have a good connection, the chords are welcome. However, when you break off a relationship because the relationship is no longer healthy, the chords are still connected. Even when you do not see the person, the chords are connected. The way you live your life, think and feel about one another still gets exchanged. This is when the chord can become toxic. Toxic chords can weigh you down, drain you and affect you in multiple ways depending on where the chord is attached.

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Energy Healing for Horses

I recently had the blessing to provide energy healing to a beautiful horse named Gracie. Gracie is a 17 year old thoroughbred. She used to be a race horse and her given name was Raise Your Wings. She was rescued 4 years ago and now she is a support animal for a nonprofit that was named, Raise Your Wings, founded by Gracie's guardian, Treena Hall. Raise Your Wings is a wonderful organization that provides healing through horses to people who are in recovery from eating disorders. The Raise Your Wings website states that, "Raise Your Wings, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was started as a way to give back to those who still carry the pains of an eating disorder. Equine therapy has been proven to be beneficial on many levels and can assist in guiding one towards a path of healing."

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Let's talk Chakras!

What are these things called Chakras? This article will answer your basic questions about Chakras.

They are energy centers in the shape of cylinders located throughout our aura and body. They were first written about in the ancient Hindu texts called, "The Vedas". These energy centers help energy move throughout our body to keep us healthy and feeling good. Each Chakra is a certain color.

Each Chakra is responsible for energy flow connected one or more physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of us. A closed Chakra can create dis-ease or trouble in any one of these aspects and a Chakra that is too open can also cause dysfunction. We need our Chakras to be in balance for our energy to flow and keep us healthy.

Food, herbs, essential oils, the colors we wear, crystals, toxins in our environment, the ways that we detox, toxic thoughts, other people's toxic energy, and alternative healing modalities can positively or negatively affect our Chakras.

The first Chakra is called the Root Chakra and it is located at the base of our spine. It is the color red. When this Chakra is balanced you feel grounded. Feeling grounded helps you feel at one with the Earth as well as safe in your physical body. The root Chakra helps you feel safe and trusting of the Universe. When it is out of balance you feel as though you are in survival mode. One physical aspect the Root Chakra controls is our legs. People with knee pain typically have issues being grounded. One emotional aspect is energy levels. An imbalanced root Chakra can make you feel lethargic and an imbalance that is prolonged can lead to depression.

The second Chakra is called the Sacral Chakra and it is located right below your navel. It is the color orange. When this Chakra is balanced you feel connected to others and also connected with your own emotions. You have good relationships with people and are able to feel and process your own emotions. Passion energy stems from this Chakra because the Sacral is related to the sexual and reproductive organs. When this Chakra is out of balance, you can develop anxiety. You can feel numb when it comes to events that occur in your life which means the emotions/energy are not being processed and can eventually develop into physical ailments down the road, including anxiety.

The third Chakra is called the Solar Plexus and it is located below the sternum. It is the color yellow. This Chakra is the home base of your feelings of empowerment. When it is out of balance, you feel dis-empowered, develop issues with self-worth, have low-self confidence and self-doubt which in turn create fear and control issues. Joy energy resides in this Chakra. This Chakra provides your sense of purpose. It is related to your digestive system and ulcers, arthritis, digestive issues, allergies and diabetes can develop as a result of malfunction.

The fourth Chakra is called the Heart Chakra and it is located in the center of your chest. It is the color green and/or pink. This chakra controls the flow of Unconditional Love energy which is encompassed by forgiveness, trust, and allowing. When this chakra is balanced you give and receive Unconditional Love in a balanced way that manifests in your life experiences. When it is blocked, you don't feel like giving love and tend to be cold and have apathy towards others. When it is too open you give too much and in turn feel drained.  Imbalance can literally create heart disease, asthma, shoulder problems, upper respiratory disease and lung/breast cancer.

The fifth Chakra is called the Throat Chakra and it is located at the center of your throat. It is the color blue. This Chakra dictates communication. When this Chakra is balanced you speak your truth in a loving, assertive manner. Imbalance may cause you to sway away from expressing your true feelings and you can become passive-aggressive in your communication. Physical dysfunction related to the thyroid, sore throats, gum or tooth problems, swollen glands, scoliosis and voice problems can result from imbalance.

The sixth Chakra is called the Third Eye. It is located in between your eyes. It is the color indigo. The third eye is the gateway to wisdom through psychic abilities, intuition and intellect. The Third Eye governs our brain, eyes, eats, nose, pituitary gland and neurological system. When this Chakra is balanced we act based on a clear picture of reality that is rooted in wisdom. Simply stated, we have clarity. Imbalance may lead to brain tumors, dizziness, seizures, headaches, migraines and strokes.

The seventh chakra is called the Crown Chakra. It is located right above your head. It is the color violet and/or white. This chakra is related to enlightenment. It is the starting point where divine energy enters our Chakra system. It is our spiritual gateway to divine purpose. When imbalanced physical ailments may include diseases of the muscular system, skeletal system and skin, sensitivity to light, sound and environment.

I have not mentioned every single physical, emotional, mental or spiritual aspect that each Chakra is related to. I have highlighted a few to provide a good starting point for learning about Chakras. In my healing practice, I work on the Chakra's extensively and, without a doubt, every time my clients have certain issues, they are always chakra related. We are all made up of energy after all. The energy we have cannot sit stagnant in our system and it must flow. The purpose of the Chakras are to help our energy flow. It is our responsibility to keep our Chakras balanced so they can continue doing their job.


Reiki Master Sepi

The incredible healing benefits of Reiki energy healing.

Reiki healing energy has gained media attention in the past few years and more and more Doctors and Nurse Practitioners are getting trained to use Reiki as a complimentary healing modality in hospitals. Reiki has been featured on the Dr. Oz Show and I gave Giuliana Rancic a Reiki consultation and healing on The Giuliana and Bill Show which aired on The Style Network this year.

What is Reiki and why are mainstream media and western medical practitioners getting Reiki Fever?

The plain answer is: It is a non-invasive healing method that helps balance your body on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels so that it can heal itself without the myriad of side effects associated with pharmaceutical medicines. Simple said, it works!

Reiki energy was discovered in Japan by Sensei Mikao Usui about a century ago. However, healing through the laying of hands, as is done with Reiki has been practiced for Centuries, most notably by Jesus.

Reiki consists of the joining of two Japanese Words. Rei means, "Higher Wisdom" and "Ki", like "Chi" in Chinese Medicine means Universal Life Force Energy. When practicing Reiki energy healing, a practitioner channels this Wise Universal Life Force Energy through her or his body to the client. Reiki energy is very relaxing and helps remove blocks.

We are all made up of energy. When our energy level is high and clear, we feel good, and when our energy is low and less clear we feel bad. Our immune system is able to heal itself easier when we feel good. Reiki helps to balance our energy so that our body is functioning at it's optimal energy level. Our energy level can also determine our ability to manifest our dreams into reality. 

These are just some of the benefits of Reiki Energy Healing:

Deep relaxation;

Block removal;

Clearing negative energy;

Pain relief;

Chakra balancing;

Restoring life force energy;

Shifting your vibration higher;

Helping you feel light;

Speeding up recovery;

Improving immune system function;


Balances ph levels helping to make you alkaline; and

Restores feelings of well-being.

There are countless Reiki practitioners throughout the world that have their own unique method of practicing Reiki energy healing. Due to the fact that our energy system is so sensitive, when you pick a Reiki Healer use your intuition as a guide for which one to choose. The beautiful thing about Reiki though, is that Reiki can only be used for positive purposes. It can never be used for any negative result.

I have many clients all over the world, humans and pets, that seek energy healing from me. I have given healing to beings suffering from all kinds of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ailments including anxiety, depression, fybromyalgia, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, back pain, knee pain, digestive issues, fibroids, post-surgery complications, thyroid disease, addictions, skin disease, lyme disease, general imbalance and people suffering from emotional pain and blocks of all kinds.

If you have never tried Reiki, give it a try. You just may get Reiki fever as well! 

Check out my Youtube Channel and Video about Reiki below! 

By Reiki Master Sepi


Reiki Master Sepi explains what Reiki is.