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The healing power of crystals and how to use them.

Before I became a Reiki Master, I suffered through my own dark night of the soul. Following some life changes, I developed severe anxiety and depression. Western Medicine doctors prescribed Xanax, which inevitably made the depression worse. I have always been sensitive to not only energy but also prescription medicine, so I decided to heal myself with Alternative Medicine. 

I learned Reiki and gave myself Reiki self healing every night, went to an acupuncturist once a month, took Chinese herbs and used Crystals to heal myself. After a little over a year, my anxiety and depression were healed. It took time and consistency, but I was able to get to the root cause of these ailments and heal them for good. 

The first crystal I ever bought and used was what I call the Pain Absorbing Crystal known as Angelite. Angelite not only absorbs pain in the body and relaxes you, it also absorbs anxiety. Angelite worked well for me, so I expanded my use of crystals and use them for myself as well as during my Energetic Healing Sessions for my clients and now I even sell Reiki Charged Crystals.  That is how much I absolutely love them!

Most people know Crystals because of their use in jewelry. However, Crystals have been used for centuries for healing and other uses you may not know about! Quartz crystals are even used in computers, cellphone and other electronic devices! 

Crystals are in the most basic sense naturally occurring minerals in crystalline form. So, yes salt, ice and sugar are also crystals, however in this article I am referring to the Crystals we known of as gems and stones. 

Everything is made up of electromagnetic energy, including us. We have an electromagnetic field that surrounds us called our "Aura". 

Within our Aura we hold a certain "Frequency". Our frequency shifts up and down depending on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. Basically, how you feel is your frequency. When you feel good, your frequency is higher but when you feel bad it is lower. 

A crystal has a set frequency, so placing it on the body or holding it helps to shift your frequency to match the higher frequency of the crystal. 

Some crystals absorb negative energy and some emit positive energy and some do both by absorbing negative energy and transforming it to positive for better health such as the Protection Crystal known as Black Tourmaline. 

Since crystals give or take in energy, they need to be cleared and charged. You can do this by placing the Crystals in the sunlight once or twice a week for about 30 minutes. You can also use my Five Directions Sage, Cedar, Lavender and Copal Reiki Charged Clearing Smudge Wand to clear your crystals or even a big Amythest bowl! 

Crystals correspond to certain Chakras, so they can be used to clear and balance your Chakras. Each crystal also has many different healing properties for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Just google healing properties of a crystal you like and you will be amazed at all the different healing properties! 

You can hold a crystal such as Angelite when you are in pain. Or carry a Black Tourmaline with you when you need protection and grounding. The possibilities are endless and there are so many crystals available. 

I infuse Ancient Healing Symbols and Reiki into the crystals I use and sell so that the power of the crystal is magnified and my clients can also benefit from Reiki healing while using the crystals.

Crystals can also be used during meditation to enhance your experience and/or connect you to higher wisdom/guides. I like to make crystal grids during the Full and New Moons when I do my Intention Meditations. Crystal Grids amplify the energy in the room and help to powerfully bring about your desired intention. 

There are other uses for crystals as well and you can certainly google them, but the ones discussed in this article are the ways that I use crystals for healing. Let me know about your experience with crystals! 

By Reiki Master Sepi