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How to release toxic chords.

Everything is made up of energy, including us. The more in-tuned you are, the more you are able to pick up on a person's energy. That wonderful feeling you get when you are around someone with positive energy cannot be denied. Neither can that dreaded feeling, when you are around someone who is lacking positive energy. Often times, the people who lack positive energy, tend to be energy suckers who drain you in order to become balanced. This isn't always conscious act. They are not bad people. They just need balance and haven't learned the tools to replenish their own energy from within.

When you hear the term, "we are all connected", do you every wonder how? One way we are all connected is through energetic chords. Every person who you connect with on a daily basis will connect with you, energetically, with a chord. You will also connect your energetic chord to that person. The more connected or "closer" you are with a person, the more chords you both will have connected to one another and the stronger the chords become. These chords exchange psychic and emotional energy back and forth between you. These chords are invisible to the eyes, but visible to our third eyes. When you connect with a positive person or someone with whom you have a good connection, the chords are welcome. However, when you break off a relationship because the relationship is no longer healthy, the chords are still connected. Even when you do not see the person, the chords are connected. The way you live your life, think and feel about one another still gets exchanged. This is when the chord can become toxic. Toxic chords can weigh you down, drain you and affect you in multiple ways depending on where the chord is attached.

It is vital to cleanse toxic chords from your energy by performing a chord releasing ritual. This may be accomplished by doing a meditation, where you visually scan your own body slowly.  Scanning is the process of either using your hands to feels energy shifts or visualizing your body in your minds eye.  When you come to spot on your body where you feel uncomfortable or think of a person who you do not want to be chorded with, then you can grab the chord and release it or ask your angels to release the chord from your body. I usually ask Archangel Michael to release toxic chords from my body. You can also see an energy healer who performs chord releasing during sessions. I have called on Archangel Michael to aid me in releasing toxic chords from many of my clients. Remember to call back your chords that are attached to the other person as well.

After the chords are released, depending on the strength of the chords, both people will feel a shift in energy. At that point, in order to prevent re-chording it is important to avoid seeing the person and thinking about them in order to stay clear. Often times, when you unchord from a toxic person, they will stop feeling your energy and attempt to contact you. It is important to remain strong during this cycle, until they get used to not feeling your energy anymore. Sometimes, several sessions are required to get the chords permanently removed.

The benefits of removing toxic chords are that you will feel more energized, breathe better, be able to let go and move on and sometimes physical pain will also disappear.

By Reiki Master Sepi (c) 2014