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Energy Healing for Horses

I recently had the blessing to provide energy healing to a beautiful horse named Gracie. Gracie is a 17 year old thoroughbred. She used to be a race horse and her given name was Raise Your Wings. She was rescued 4 years ago and now she is a support animal for a nonprofit that was named, Raise Your Wings, founded by Gracie's guardian, Treena Hall. Raise Your Wings is a wonderful organization that provides healing through horses to people who are in recovery from eating disorders. The Raise Your Wings website states that, "Raise Your Wings, Inc. is a non-profit organization that was started as a way to give back to those who still carry the pains of an eating disorder. Equine therapy has been proven to be beneficial on many levels and can assist in guiding one towards a path of healing."

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On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I arrived at the Lakewood Equestrian Center in Lakewood, California. I was so excited to meet Gracie and her guardian, Treena. The Equestrian Center is lovely. As soon as I parked and walked over to meet the two ladies, I could feel Gracie's energy. I had connected to her a few days back through pictures I had seen of her. I knew that she knew I would be arriving. Her guardian Treena is a lovely woman who has a passion for horses and a passion for helping people who are in recovery from eating disorders. Gracie is a big horse. Treena let me feed her carrots right away and Gracie was able to smell my hand and started giving my hand horse kisses right away. Her energy is very strong and she has a calm presence to her. Treena suggested that we walk Gracie to another part of the center, where she usually bathes her because it is quieter there. Treena taught me to walk Gracie and told me I am a natural. As soon as I began to walk Gracie, I felt that she may have some pain in her digestive system, so I inquired and Treena told me that Gracie has indeed dealt with a recent digestive issue that was resolving. When we arrived at Gracie's bathing area, I was able to really connect with her and look at her in all her glory. She has a beautiful white star on her forehead.

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Energy Healing for animals is similar to energy healing for human in the sense that I channel healing energy through me to the being. However, animals are much more in-tuned and are very open to receiving healing. They never allow their minds to be closed off to healing. They are not attached to suffering like humans. A session with an animal takes half as long as a session with a human.

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Animals also have Chakras. They have the same 7 major Chakras that we do. They also have Chakras on the side of their shoulders that provide connection to humans. Animals also have many Chakras called minor Chakras.

As soon as I began to connect with Gracie, she began to speak to me. She has very strong and developed telepathy. I was surprised because it typically take a few minutes for me to connect with beings that I haven't known or worked on before. But Gracie really wanted me to know that she has a lot of heart ache from her past lingering in her heart Chakra that needed to be healed. I asked Treena if she knew much about her past, and she confirmed that she felt Gracie may have been abused in her past. It took Treena two years to ride Gracie because Gracie was so skiddish. With the love and support she has received from Treena, she is very happy now, but still had pain lingering in her heart. I started balancing her Chakras and when I got to her heart, I did feel a lot of pain energy which I extracted. I felt that Gracie became very relaxed and I told Treena that she is relaxing now and then she started licking her lips. Treena told me that means that she is very relaxed. I gave Gracie Reiki and she loved it. I extracted some leftover pain and blocks in her stomach and sent healing energy to her joints. She is suffering from a bit of arthritis. I knew when she had had enough healing.

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When the session was complete, we walked Gracie back to her stall and while I was walking her she kept walking very close to me. Treena told me that Gracie really likes me. The feeling is mutual. I feel very connected to Gracie. Gracie is truly a graceful lady and I am so happy we are now friends.

After Gracie was back in her stall she went to drink some water. Animals usually get thirsty after a session, which is a symptom of the natural detoxing that happens when energy starts moving around. They also get hungry.  Even though Gracie isn't too comfortable with anyone in her stall, except her guardian, she was kind enough to let me come into her stall for a bit. She was being a little feisty and wanted carrots. I got to feed her some more and then we allowed her to relax and enjoy some after session time alone.

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I went to give healing to Gracie, and left feeling healed. Gracie is a wonderful support animal. She has been through a lot in her 17 years of life, yet she has such a deep strength and beautiful grace. She is an inspiration.

If you have any questions about energy healing for pets, feel free to contact me.

By Reiki Master Sepi (c) 2014