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Spiritual Alternatives for spending your New Year's Eve

The media focuses it's attention on the various mainstream events happening all over the world on New Year's Eve. Clubs and restaurants are often packed with people paying top dollar for meals or entry. Many people have home parties that include drinking, dancing and partying till the wee hours of the next morning. The closest the mainstream gets to incorporating Spirituality in to the New Years is the setting of New Year's Resolutions. has a great article about the History of New Year's. Note that in the United States, we follow the Gregorian Calendar and celebrate New Year's Eve on December 31st, but there are many countries that celebrate New Year's at other times of the year.

Did you know that there are also many people who celebrate New Year's Eve Spiritually? There are very strong energies around the New Year with which to have powerful healing due to astrological cyclical shifts combined with the energy of masses of people celebrating in a heightened state of joy.

In this article I am going to share four Spiritual Alternatives for spending your New Year's Eve this year.

In Meditation:

If you prefer to stay away from the noise and masses of people this New Year's Eve, there are many places, sanctuaries, groups and temples in and around cities that offer Meditation retreats that give participants a secluded enclave in which to tap into the peaceful solitude of stillness. Meditation offers amazing benefits that can help you de-clutter all the stress of the prior year from your mind and help you start the new one fresh. My article titled, "Meditation Clears Blocks", goes into detail about the benefits of Meditation.

Chord Releasing/Letting Go Oceanside:

Whenever we connect with someone, an emotional chord that is only visible to our Third Eye forms with that being. This is part of the reason why you may think of someone right before they call you!

The closer the person, the higher the number of chords that are attached, and they are bigger and deeper. These chords are lovely when the being we are connected with is healthy and your connection is just as healthy, but when a relationship goes sour, becomes unhealthy or if the person is a drain on your energy, it is time to release those chords.

New Year's Eve presents a wonderful opportunity to release these unneeded chords so you can start the new year feeling lighter. At the same time, you can also focus on letting go of toxic emotions like sadness or anger towards any situation or person. I suggest going to the beach to do this and taking white roses or rose petals. You can focus on chord releasing and then release the rose petals into the ocean and let the powerful healing ions of the ocean remove the chords from your aura. It is a beautiful visual and white roses represent peace. This act is you making peace with your past and moving forward in the new year. If the weather allows, a nice picnic lunch or dinner would be the perfect accompaniment.

Gratitude Ritual:

Often times, we go through the year focusing on all our goals that are in the future and don't take the time to be grateful for everything that we have accomplished. This New Year's Eve, spend some time in the comfort of your home. Enjoy a lovely dinner and then make a list of everything that you have accomplished and completed throughout the year. This list can includes projects at work and home, trips, books read, event attended, friendships made, and anything that you felt good about! I promise you will be surprised at just how many wonderful things you have accomplished and have to be grateful for!

Manifestation Ritual:

One of the most powerful times of the year to set intentions is on New Year's Eve! After you lovely dinner, and even after your gratitude ritual, start making a list of everything that you want to manifest in your life in the New Year. You can divide your life into different areas such as work, personal, business, family, friends, self etc. Under each category pick five to ten items that you want to Manifest into you life! Remember to be specific and list it as this or better under each category so you open yourself to unlimited possibilities.

You can just write the list or you can expand and even create a Manifestation poster-board with magazine cut-outs that represent the cut-outs on your list! You can refer to the list and/or poster-board throughout the year! And next New Year's Eve, when you complete your Gratitude Ritual, you can see which items you Manifested by comparing the lists!

Let me know by commenting, what ideas you have and what your New Year's Eve plans are.

However you choose to celebrate the New Year's, do it with joy and have a safe night!

By Reiki Master Sepi