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Meditation Clears Blocks

Meditation is the art of focusing your thoughts in order to reach a heightened level of awareness.

In our fast-paced, high-tech, ego driven society, meditation is an ancient tool which provides an instant get-away from all the noise. Everyday lives in the United States are sweltering with seemingly endless working hours while leisure time is prodded with action packed, testosterone driven movies, intense sports, quick moving social news-feeds and fear-based news media outlets that all do nothing more than create more noise and toxic clutter in our energy systems.

Luckily, meditation, is a free tool that provides reprieve from all of the clutter.

People who meditate consistently have lower blood-pressure, are more relaxed, have reduced inflammation in their bodies, have increased fertility, have more emotional balance, exhibit increased immunity,  manifest with ease and tend to release more creative energy. 

How is this all possible?

It is possible because the art of meditation helps clear blocks on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Blocks in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual systems are the result of toxic thoughts, blocked Chakras that result in stuck energy, toxicity from the environment and from what we eat and toxic energy from other people.

These blocks will manifest themselves as disease, imbalance, negative emotions, depression, anxiety, and/or the inability to manifest our dreams in different areas of our lives such as relationships, wealth, careers or well-being.

Our energies flow like electricity through a wire to our life which is like the light-bulb. A block is like a split in the wire that causes our "life-bulb", if you will, to flutter or burn out.

The reason meditation clears blocks is that when you meditate, you are taking time away from all the noise and devoting time to yourself. Just the intention of meditation calls forth an alignment from the Universe. Things just start lining up more clearly.

When you meditate, you are focusing your thoughts in an environment of solitude. Even if you are not alone, the act of focusing on "Your" thoughts, creates, within your energy system, a sacred place of solitude. When you focus on your thoughts and take focus away from all the noise, you are better able to finally hear the wisdom of your soul speaking to you in the form of your intuition. You soul intuition is a powerful energy which is also a clearing energy. It has healing abilities. Meditation will align your chakras and clear your aura. Your intuition holds the wisdom of truth. Meditating and aligning with your soul intuition, your inner voice, is like taking a shower which washes away all of the toxic energy that you have been holding onto.

“Your soul’s gentle yet powerful whisper can be heard most clearly in meditation.”

I advise all of my client's to meditate and the number on misconception they have is that meditation must be done in silence. Silent meditation is one of the most difficult forms of meditation for beginners to complete because most people either fall asleep right away or just cannot sit still to complete the meditation.

The good news is that meditation does not have to be completed in silence. I personally, love silent meditation. However, meditation can be accomplished during your morning walk, during a bath, during your afternoon workout, during your drive, while you listen to new age, classical or instrumental music, while you chant or sing healing tones or mantras and even when you take a shower. Just as you do not need to be in a Church to be able to pray, you do not have to be in a certain environment to meditate, nor do you have to do it in any strict way. There is no wrong in meditation. As long as you just focus your thoughts towards a certain intent, or focus on your breathing or focus on the music itself while allowing your thoughts to flow, then that is a perfect start.

I invite you to start a meditation practice of just 3 minutes of meditation in the morning and evening. The longer you practice meditation on a consistent basis, the more aware you will become, but just start with baby steps. Try it for just one week and let me know how you feel!

By Reiki Master Sepi (c) 2013