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Awareness is the key that unlocks all miracles. defines awareness as: the state or condition of being aware ; having knowledge; consciousness.

What does that really mean in practical terms?  

There are lots of interpretations about what awareness is.  

Today, I will provide my spiritual interpretation about awareness, how it relates to consciousness and explain why, "awareness is the key that unlocks all miracles".  

Awareness is conscious recognition, sorting and choosing. 

Awareness begins with the conscious recognition of your own thoughts and actions and the communication and actions of other beings.

To be aware means to be present and listening to yourself and others. That is the first step. Awareness demands that we unplug from external sources and plug into our internal soul to see, hear and intuit our internal and external landscape.

The second step in awareness is to sort between what we consciously recognize and categorize them into love or fear in order to filter truth. It is like weeding through the garden that is your life and being able to recognize the difference between the flowers and the weeds. The difference between love versus fear. Sorting through what you see, hear and feel in order to master your perception of your world. Perception by itself is masked by your past experiences which contaminate your present view with some level of fear. Mastery of your perception with awareness lets you see your world with the eyes of truth. 

For example, if you doubt your ability to attain a certain goal in your life, without awareness you may just give up automatically because you may blame external reasons for why you just can't get to your goal. You may say, "It is just too hard." "I just don't make enough money at my job." "I am not pretty enough, skinny enough." "Other people have it easy, but I have not been lucky enough in my life to have what I want."

However, when you practice consciously listening to your thoughts, then you will recognize that your thoughts of doubt exist in your mind and this doubt is responsible for all of the reasons you have created for not having what you want.

When you practice sorting through all of these thoughts, you will see that they are all based in fear because they are all limiting. Since fear is not real, then none of these thoughts are real and therefore there are no true limits in your life.

The light bulb goes on in your mind. Awareness has come knocking at your door. You have at that moment no choice but to allow awareness to enter.

The last step in awareness is choosing. Choosing to not listen to your thoughts of fear. Choosing to see past the fear that another person has in your life, even if they are not aware of it. This is empowerment in true form. When you choose to ignore fear, you choose love. Once you recognize and sort the fear out of your life, you are freed up to focus on and appreciate the flowers in your garden of life. Your thoughts and the actions stemming from them can now be based in love. You can choose to think and act with love.

This is awareness. Awareness is the key thtn unlock all miracles in your life because it is based in love energy.  Love is the most powerful energy force on this planet. Love manifests miracles. Love energy manifests your desires more easily because it vibrates at a high level of consciousness.

By Reiki Master Sepi